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The Photo Managers Academy

Developed by The Photo Managers (Formerly The Association of Professional Photo Organizers), this online academy offers beginner to advanced online courses on the art, science, and business of photo and video organizing.


For the first time, these in-depth courses are now available to anyone seeking instruction, whether you are in the business of photo organizing, or are someone who is eager to learn how to organize photos and videos.

Are you buried in a lifetime of printed photos, slides, negatives, home movies, and memorabilia? Do you wish you had the time or expertise to tackle this daunting problem once and for all? Then this course is for you! 

This course takes you step-by-step through the process of organizing your family photo collection. You’ll learn techniques and strategies developed by professional photo organizers and we’ll introduce you to tools designed to simplify the process.



"Not only did I enjoy this training, I learned so much about the fundamentals of protecting and organizing my printed photos. The presenters are engaging, and the sequence of modules well organized. In this age of wildfires/natural disasters and the terrible risk of loss of precious possessions, I found learning the steps to protect and save our images (and stories) really impactful.


This course also nudged me to take some more risks and “think out of the box” with my photo projects. Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy is well worth the investment of time and cost. Thanks for taking a complex topic and making it so user-friendly."

Judy Brusby

 Larry Nelson

"This is was just the course that I needed. I have boxes of family photos that I've wanted to scan & share with my sisters who live in another state. With the process that was laid out and many practical tips, along with some inspiring thoughts along the way, I am on my way to having my photos organized. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs a "push" to finally getting something done with their printed photo collection."

"I often joke with my friends telling them that we were the most photographed children in the United States!! But it was no joke! When my Dad passed away three years ago, I became "the person" in my family who received 22 (!) carousel slide trays as well as three bags full of printed photos. I've been feeling guilty that I haven't done anything with these photos since... What finally got me off the dime is that I live in Sonoma County, CA where all the devastating fires were in 2017. I also have friends who live just outside Paradise, CA. -- the town that was basically incinerated a couple of months ago.


We know people who have lost everything -- and if I ever needed a wake-up call for getting my act together with these photos... this was it. I AM SO GLAD I DID! The course was so easy to follow I ended up taking the course for digital photos too. I have digital files that are literally everywhere -- and I mean on my phone, my husband's phone, on each of our computers plus cloud storage. For the first time I feel I've got my arms around WHAT TO DO!! YAY! Many thanks Photo Organizing people! If I could give you 6 stars, I would."

Eileen Gittens

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